Szilu’s black&white LUTs collection for darktable – birthday selection

version: 1.7.2se
release date: 05-09-23
color space: sRGB
creator: Szilárd Varga

licence: CC BY-SA-NC 4.0

This is an essential selection of my own black and white LUTs collection what’s
designed for time saving in production work.

The sample LUTs are optimised for portrait/nude themes in different light conditions
and mostly based on a ~ Y11 (yellowish green) lens filter emulation.

The main preferences:

  • quick work on tones with just minor additional adjustments on the RAW
  • keep or improve details in the caucasian skin tones (I’m living in mid EU.)
  • subject – background separation just by tones
  • save the scene’s original atmosphere as possible

So it’s NOT a fancy „film emulation” pack 🙂

Installation (darktable)

Unzip the archive with structure to the darktable LUT 3D root folder.
(Settings: preferences > processing tab > LUT 3D root folder)


The LUTs designed for the default scene-referred (filmic rgb) workflow.
For sigmoid users: You can avoid losing details in highs by switching the color
processing from „per channel” to „RGB ratio”.

Open an image and apply the scene specific LUT – suggestions listed above.
Adjust the exposure and contrast or blacks and whites relative exposure if necessary.
You can play with white balance too thanks for the color filtering.
Crop and rotate. That’s it.
Otherwise You can apply any adjustments as you want but keep in mind:
Fade level 1-2 versions are reducing the options.

Filename structure (separated with underscores)

suggested theme _ type _ on LC: suggested lighting scennes ver.ABC… _ fade level

1, Suggested theme:
This sample pack optimized for portrait/nude but can be very good for other themes.
Just try the „portrait-nude_LC_outdoor-direct-sun-E_f0” on a sunny landscape 😉

2, Type:
LF simple lens filter emulation with flat result – starting point for custom edits.

FX „one-click” eye catching customers favorit filter (optimised for the theme)
2 main version in this selection

LC light conditions of the original shot (suggestion)
3 main version in the pack:
– indoor: overall litle flat but try to improve the skin tones
– direct Sun normal and very special subversions
– studio in 1 subversion for beauty dish – working out of box in most of case!

2, Fade level:
f0 without fade, can filling the full dynamic range of output
f1 with fade
f2 with stronger fade

Feedbacks are welcomme!

Enjoy and have good light!